Live, Love, Dance
Live, Love, Dance

Are you ready to get yourself fit with J-Force Fitness?



J-Force Fitness is here to help you get fit!

You are sure to have fun too.

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Bring a night out to your workout!

Simple & fun dance class with glowsticks and disco lights, to club anthems from the 90's to todays hits!



Move, Shake, Dance

Just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape in at the ultimate dance-fitness party



A total body toning class to uplifting Ibiza summer vibes fusing traditional LBT moves with functional patterns and fast paced yoga inspired combinations



A full Body workout that is a fusion of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates which is perfect to lengthen,

strengthen and chisel your body



The world's first cardio jam inspired by the infectious, energising

and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums



Using the LiiTT principle, Fight is the only low impact, non contact, non equipment based combat workout out there. Using self defence and repetitive movements, participants build a natural reaction to a dangerous situation whilst getting a great workout

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